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Southshore Companies, Ltd.

Southshore Companies is a third party logistics provider and transportation services company. We deliver cost effective integrated logistics solutions. Our service includes warehousing logistics, fulfillment, transportation services and real estate develo

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Transportation Services

Sell: Transportation Services

Southshore is a transportation services company specializing in contract carrier and dedicated transportation in the Midwest and the Northeast United States. Southshore's transportation services group works directly with the Southshore warehousing logistics customers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Connecticutto develop dedicated transportation services that complete the logistics supply chain. Southshore supplies customized, local transportation services for customers requiring just in time pickup and delivery of product for an integrated logistics solution.

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Sell: Contract Logistics
ODW Contract Logistics specializes in the design, implementation and management of third-party contract logistics operations. ODW Contract Services takes a flexible, personalized approach to the planning, set-up, and operation of third-party distribution facilities across North America. ODW Contract Logistics offers unique, cost-sensitive solutions to companies with specific distribution requirements. We recognize that each operation is different, and we offer turnkey services, which take a facility from the planning stages to operation. Our leadership has backgrounds in engineering and maintains extensive experience in facilities design, layout, and material handling. Contract operations are developed to meet the requirements of customers looking to establish distribution centers across North America. The leadership, commitment to quality and specialized services remain the same regardless of where the operation is located.
Odw Logistics, Inc.
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Sell: Logistics services
In the Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation field, we have the expertise, experience and insight to bring together a unique group of organizations. These organizations can provide your company with the most modern, cost-effective operational techniques available today. We can store, distribute and transport nearly every product sold via mass merchandising, supermarket chains and the internet.
Palisades Marketing, Inc.
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